5 Great Networking Opportunities in San Diego

A man in a suit, indicative of networking opportunities in San Diego.

Networking is a powerful tool that can help businesses across industries and sizes – and we love helping businesses, which is why we put together this list of 5 great networking opportunities in San Diego. Chances are, no matter the size of your business, your industry, or how long your company has been around, you can benefit from networking. Business networking events will help you meet and interact with like-minded people, gain valuable contacts, learn new things, pitch ideas, and even have some fun. So, if you have a business in the San Diego area (or work at one), read on for some great networking opportunities in San Diego.


This nonprofit organization is run by volunteers and falls under the umbrella of the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA). The mission of SCORE is to help small businesses succeed in San Diego and Imperial Counties. They offer free and confidential business assistance to small business owners and organize numerous networking events and over 40 workshops each year throughout the SD area.

Almost all the events organized by SCORE are either free to attend or cost only a small fee, and in addition to being good for networking, they also provide lots of information useful for business people. (Prior events have included info on everything from marketing to intellectual property.)

SCORE also offers great opportunities for women business owners, for example their monthly Women’s Networking Breakfast which includes interesting guest speakers.

Most San Diego events organized by SCORE are available online via Zoom, so if you prefer you can attend remotely. (Although the networking may be better in person.)

San Diego Young Entrepreneur Network

The goal of this meetup is to help young entrepreneurs stay up to date with cutting-edge and innovative technology. Founded by a young entrepreneur, the San Diego Young Entrepreneur Network (SDYEN) meets about once a month for networking and the opportunity to listen to guest speakers (from the world of tech) who give talks on startup-related topics. There are more than 150 members in the group and its popularity is growing. Rest assured that attending these meeting will keep you up to date with the latest in the digital marketing, funding, and startup world – not too mention give you a great opportunity to network.

A group of professionals chatting, symbolic of networking opportunities in San Diego.
Don’t miss out on great networking opportunities in San Diego. SD is the place to be!


In spite of being a small community non-profit, Connect is considered one of the nation’s first startup accelerators. It was founded in 1985 by the University of California San Diego. Today, Connect grants San Diego entrepreneurs access to people, capital, and technology – all resources that can help any startup grow its business.

Throughout the year, Connect holds various events that provide networking opportunities beneficial for both startups at their early stages and well established businesses as well. If you’re looking to meet some really interesting people and businesses, Connect is a great way to go.

San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce

With more than 70 events a year, you should always keep an eye on the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce’s calendar. During these events, you’ll get the opportunity to connect with other businesses, community leaders, and even elected officials – you simply can’t find this kind of business networking and exposure anywhere else.

It doesn’t matter what type of networking events your San Diego business needs, the Chamber of Commerce organizes everything from ballroom gatherings for 1,000 people to intimate business lunches. It’s considered the hub for connections and collaborations in the San Diego business community and can be an extremely valuable resource.

Women’s Wisdom

Women’s Wisdom has been offering San Diego women great events and unique business opportunities since 1991. One of their great programs is the Women’s Wisdom monthly luncheon series. These events includes everything from speakers and table displays to networking and business introductions. As a female business owner in San Diego, you can share who you are and what you do, and will find great opportunities to grow on both the professional and personal level.

As a females-only group, these San Diego networking events are just what every working woman needs. You can connect with other female entrepreneurs, small business owners, independent professionals, marketers, coaches, therapists, mentors, consultants, and much more. This group includes working women from almost all fields.

There you have it, 5 great networking opportunities in San Diego. New events are created all the time, so it’s a good idea to keep an eye on the calendars of the above groups, and look for new groups as well. If you know about any other interesting networking opportunities in San Diego, feel free to write your suggestions in the comment section.

you might be wondering who we are. We’re My SD Bookkeeper, San Diego’s best bookkeeping firm. From monthly bookkeeping to complex financial analysis, our services cover all of your back office needs. There’s nothing we love more than helping San Diego businesses to be their best, so reach out to us today and let’s see what we can do to help.

5 Ways Outside Bookkeepers Can Help San Diego Businesses

A business woman writes in a notebook, symbolic of an outside bookkeeper helping a SD company.

Managing a business is hard, and there is never a shortage of things to do. Along with about fifty other tasks, one must be concerned with keeping the books up to date. This can be a struggle for a lot of reasons, but unfortunately bookkeeping is a task that simply can’t be ignored. In many cases, the best answer is to hire an outside bookkeeping firm, and that’s why we’ve put together this handy post. So, read on for 5 ways outside bookkeepers can help San Diego businesses. (Any business really, but we’re partial to San Diego, and hopefully you are too!)

Reason #1: Outside Bookkeepers Can Save You Time

Managing a business involves a long list of tasks which only grow as the business gets more successful. It’s often tempting to try to do everything yourself, but at a certain point this becomes impractical because there are only so many hours in the day. When this happens, anything that saves you time becomes valuable, and an outside bookkeeper can certainly save you time.

More often than not business owners / managers aren’t professionally trained in bookkeeping, so they’re likely not particularly fast at getting it done. Not only that, but they’re far more likely to make mistakes, and mistakes are notorious for taking a lot of time to cleanup in the world of bookkeeping. By allowing you to focus your time on things that you do well, outside bookkeepers can help you to run a far more efficient business, save time, and hopefully increase your level of success.

Reason #2: Outside Bookkeepers Can Find & Prevent Errors

While new business owners doing their own books often put in an admirable effort, the books often end up filled with errors. Unfortunately, having books filled with errors kind of negates the whole purpose of having books. If the books aren’t accurate, you’ll be paying the wrong amount in taxes (and increase the risk of an audit), get incorrect insights into your business, have erroneous financial statements, and often times be creating a mess which only gets worse with time.

Hiring an outside professional can help you to clean up the errors which have already occurred and prevent them from happening in the future, leaving you with books that actually reflect your business.

Reason #3: Outside Bookkeepers Can Help You Prepare for Tax Season

One of the big benefits of having an outside bookkeeper is experiencing a pain free tax season. With their help you can replace frantic days where you’re desperately trying to file an extension and/or desperately trying to finish the books with halcyon days that remind you of the calm summers of your youth. OK, that may be a bit of an exaggeration, but they can definitely decrease your stress and enable you to focus on your business on days where you used to be pulling out your hair and yelling at Turbo Tax. (It can’t hear you.)

Hair loss and stress notwithstanding, you may also end up with better books when they aren’t finalized in a rush. And your tax preparer will like you more as well.

Wondering when tax day is this year? Wikipedia’s tax day article should give you everything you need from now until the year 2100.

Reason #4: Outside Bookkeepers Can Walk You Through Your Financials

Not every business owner understands the intricacies of the financial statements. Not only that, but there’s a good chance they’re so busy that there isn’t much time leftover for self-education. (That having been said, anyone interested in doing a little self-educating can start with this great post introducing balance sheets.) That means that even if your books are done correctly you may not be able to plumb them for actionable insights into your business, which is one of the purposes of doing the books in the first place.

A good outside bookkeeper should be able to walk you through your income statement and balance sheet to show you how your business is doing and explain to you how to use your financials to better understand your business. (Admittedly, not all bookkeepers do this, but the best ones do – like My SD Bookkeeper, for example.)

A hand holds hundred dollar bills, symbolic of how outside bookkeepers can save businesses money.
The 5th way outside bookkeepers can help San Diego businesses is probably the most important of all. Hint: it has to do with money… Read on.

Reason #5: Outside Bookkeepers Can Save You Money

Last but not least – the most important reason of all: money.

You might be a bit surprised to hear this, but when it comes to small and medium sized businesses outside bookkeepers are regularly money savers. Why? Because unless you have a ton of bookkeeping that you need done, hiring an outside contractor is cheaper than hiring someone internally. Think about it. They won’t need a full-time salary, (or even a part time salary), won’t receive benefits, won’t drink the company coffee, don’t need office space, and won’t even eat a piece of chicken at the company holiday party. (Unless you want them to of course, and we hope you do because we love chicken.) And, if they don’t work out, you can simply end the contract rather than having to deal with all of the challenges associated with letting someone go. Put all this together and an outside bookkeeper is regularly more cost effective than bringing someone new onto your team.

So, there you have it: 5 Ways Outside Bookkeepers Can Help San Diego Businesses. We hope this helps make your business journey just a little bit easier. Who are we? We’re My SD Bookkeeper, San Diego’s premier bookkeeping and business consulting firm. We help businesses across sizes and industries with their books and would love to help you too. Reach out to us today and let’s work together to make the SD business community thrive!

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That’s all for now. Best of luck with the business!

The Best Apps for San Diego Real Estate Businesses

Scrabble tiles spelling 'Real Estate', symbolic of the best apps for San Diego real estate businesses.

San Diego is a great place to be in the real estate business, but it’s no walk in the park. Being successful requires a lot of hard work and determination, and anything that makes your business life a bit easier will help you on the road to success. With this in mind we’ve put together this list of the best apps for San Diego real estate businesses. Hopefully you’ll find a new app which will help you build the best business that you can. (If so you, are welcome to reach out to us with a great new place to live as compensation. Just food for thought.)

Realtors Property Resource (RPR)

As a subsidiary of the National Association of Realtors (NAR), RPR is one of the best ways to answer most of your client’s questions on the go. Any real estate agent gets asked about property prices all the time. No matter how experienced or knowledgeable they may be, they can’t know all the property values all the time – that’s where RPR comes in handy.

This real estate app helps agents access property data, research, comparative market analyses (CMAs), and much more. Using RPR, you can also search even the smallest San Diego neighborhoods to locate property listings. If you are a NAR member, you can enjoy all the benefits RPR has to offer, at no cost as the app is free for all NAR members.


Over the past few years, Dotloop has become a leading platform in the real estate industry. It mainly targets real estate brokers, agents, and teams. What makes Dotloop special is the dedicated transaction management solutions it provides for real estate businesses. With Dotloop, you’ll be able to avoid tons of paperwork as it empowers you to do your paperwork digitally.

You might say that Dotloop is the gatekeeper for real estate professionals to enter the digital world. Forget about all the hassle that comes with storing and organizing tons of paper documents. Using this app, you will be able to edit forms, eSign, collaborate, and automate compliance, all within a mobile platform. This way, you can prepare, edit, and share contracts on the road, and once a contract gets signed, approved, or modified, the app will send you a notification.

To cover the needs of real estate businesses of all sizes, Dotloop offers a free version for individual agents. In this version, you’ll be able to create up to 10 real estate transactions for free. If you need more, you’ll have to upgrade.

Property Base

These days every real estate business (in San Diego and elsewhere) needs an app like PropertyBase. This all-in-one real estate app will help you with everything from customer relationship management (CRM) to lead generation to back-office operations to even website management. You won’t need to switch back and forth between various apps because Propertybase combines everything you need to stay ahead of the competition.

Among many other features, Propertybase integrates a Salesforce-based CRM with major MLS (multiple listing service) portals. This combination is extremely beneficial for real estate professionals as it helps them manage listings and automate email and drip campaigns.

Be sure to check out the PropertyBase website to get more details on the many things that it offers and potentially receive a free demo.

A close up of apps on a phone, symbolic of apps for SD real estate businesses.
There is no shortage of apps these days, so we’ve selected the best apps for San Diego real estate businesses. Hopefully you’ll find something new!

Zillow Premier Agent

If you are in the real estate business, you’ve probably heard about or have been using Zillow. (Even if you aren’t in the industry you’ve probably heard of it.) It’s one of the largest real estate networks on the web and enables users to engage with a huge number of potential buyers online and generate more leads.  

If you are already making use of this online real estate network or are planning to try it in the future, the Zillow Premier Agent app is for you. Zillow Premier Agent comes with a long list of great features, including lead sorting and assignment, and task management. Not only that, but unlike many other real estate apps, Zillow Premier Agent offers a surprisingly robust free CRM that lets you import leads from multiple sources including Gmail, Realtor.com, and BoomTown.

Within the app itself, you can also sign up for My Agent. It is a customer communication feature of the Zillow Premier Agent app. Through My Agent, your leads will see only the properties in which you are the buyer’s agent. Moreover, you will also be able to check what your leads are searching for on Zillow in detail.

Other capabilities include e-signatures and custom notes to calls, mobile notifications, and reminders. If you’re in real estate, this is a great app to try.

So there you have it. My SD Bookkeeper’s list of the best apps for San Diego real estate businesses. Know of an app that we missed? Let us know in the comments. Who are we? Check us out below, and good luck with the business!

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In such a highly competitive environment, running a San Diego real estate business is hard. We understand the importance of focusing on your core activities and are here to help you do so by offering best in class real estate bookkeeping services throughout the greater San Diego area.

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The 3 Best Payroll Services for San Diego Businesses

A pile of dollars, symbolic of our discussion of payroll services.

Business owners are constantly asking us about payroll service providers (scroll to the bottom to learn more about us), so we’ve decided to put together this guide on the 3 best payroll services for San Diego businesses. (Well, all businesses really, but we are a bit biased.) Read on to learn a bit more about why payroll services are important, and the pros and cons of three of the biggest players out there: Gusto, ADP, and Intuit QuickBooks.

Why is Using a Payroll Provider Important?

No matter what field you work in or the size of your business (in beautiful San Diego or elsewhere), payroll activities can be complex to handle. Payroll tasks require a lot of time and effort which are often better spent on your core business activities. Then, as your business grows, payroll-related tasks will likely get more and more complicated. That’s why choosing the right payroll service can give your company a competitive edge.

The right software will enable your business to automate every step in the payroll process. This will make tasks like withholding payroll taxes or keeping accurate records go more smoothly and save you a boatload of time. Not only that, automating payroll activities will also help your San Diego company avoid making costly mistakes.

A man holds up hundred dollar bills, symbolic of using a good payroll provider to pay employees.
Keep your employees paid and happy with a good payroll service provider. (Hopefully, your employees are cool enough to wear awesome sunglasses like these.)

Which Payroll Provider is Right for My Business?

With so many options for payroll software in the market today, selecting the right fit for your San Diego business can become overwhelming. Here is a list of the top payroll software solutions with their pros and cons.


Ranked #1 by US News as Best Payroll Software of 2022, you cannot go wrong with this choice. With just a few clicks, gusto will automatically set up payroll, file your taxes, create a benefits package, and much more. This payroll software can even identify hidden tax credits to save you some money.

With gusto payroll software, you won’t need to worry about hidden costs or extra charges. Even if your business needs to pay taxes in multiple states (doing business outside of San Diego is, after all, acceptable), Gusto won’t charge you extra fees. Almost all the pricing structure of this payroll software is outlined on their website. So, you’ll know right from the start how much you’ll pay for their services.

What sets Gusto apart from the rest is the value they offer for each tier of their software plans. Just like other payroll software solutions, they enable you to use both direct deposit and checks to pay your staff. But, by choosing Gusto, you’ll benefit from the direct deposit feature, even in the lower-priced tier. Then, as you go up in Gusto’s plans, the direct deposit option becomes even more convenient, for example taking fewer days to clear. In the highest plan, your business will enjoy next-day direct deposit.

Gusto’s Pros

  • Gusto might not be the cheapest payroll software; however, it offers very good value for your your money.
  • Basic payroll reports for all tiers.
  • Direct deposit for all plans.
  • No extra charges for tax payments in multiple states.
  • Unlimited payroll runs for no extra cost.
  • Automatic tax calculations.
  • Paid time off (PTO) tracking feature.

Gusto’s Cons

  • Next-day direct deposit feature available only for the more expensive plans.
  • Dedicated support only for highest-tier subscribers.
  • No expert support during the evenings or on weekends.


ADP is one of the most well-known payroll software in the market today and it has been around forever. It is an extremely reliable payroll software solution, in particular for large companies or businesses that are growing fast.

The cheapest plan offers full-service payroll, direct deposit, reporting, and a self-service employee portal. These are great features for a basic payroll plan. If your company requires more options, you can choose one of the higher-priced plans.

Unlike Gusto, ADP doesn’t have the greatest pricing transparency, as they don’t publish the cost of each of their payroll software plans. To learn more about the cost, you’ll need to fill out some forms. In return, you will receive a custom quote which will be based on your company’s specific needs and number of employees.

ADP’s Pros

  • Customized options to suit your specific business needs.
  • Robust reporting features.
  • Excellent 24/7 customer support and tax filings for large companies.
  • Lots of HR add-ons.

ADP’s Cons

  • Low pricing transparency.
  • Might not be worth the cost for some businesses.
  • Several fees, including setup charges.

Intuit QuickBooks

Many San Diego companies are already using QuickBooks software solutions for accounting. If you are one of them, then setting up and using QuickBooks payroll software will come easily. Even if you are new to QuickBooks, you might not need any support to get started. They offer thorough tutorials, and there are also plenty of walkthroughs and other resources online to help you out.

Unlike ADP, QuickBooks Online Payroll works better for small to midsize businesses. They offer three different plans, all of which include the normal baseline features. No matter which plan you choose, you’ll enjoy features like health insurance administration, unlimited payroll runs, and automated state and federal tax filings.

QuickBooks Payroll’s Pros

  • Easy setup and user-friendly interface.
  • Best payroll software for quick direct deposit.
  • Specialized payroll plans for businesses already using QuickBooks accounting software.
  • Seamless integration with QuickBooks accounting software.
  • One of the most budget-friendly lowest-tier plans compared to other payroll software solutions in the market.
  • Tax penalty protection for Elite plan subscribers.

QuickBooks Payroll’s Cons

  • Higher-priced plans may not offer great value for their cost.
  • Not necessarily a good payroll software solution for large businesses.
  • Extra filing fees for Core and Premium plans.


What is the conclusion. Well, that may be the fact that you can’t really go wrong with any of these options. What it really comes down to is which best suits your needs and your price range. If you have a small business and are already using QBO for your bookkeeping, QuickBooks payroll might be the best choice. If you have a large business and are growing with high support needs, ADP might be the way to go. Or, if your business isn’t too big and Gusto’s options pique your interest, they are a great choice as well.

So, there you have it: the pros and cons of the 3 Best Payroll Services for San Diego Businesses. We hope you’ve found this helpful. Have a different opinion or additional insights to add? Let us know in the comments. It never hurts to get another opinion.

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5 Great Things About Running a Business in San Diego

The San Diego skyline with several large buildings, symbolic of the great San Diego business community.

Everyone knows San Diego is a great place to live. But a lot of people don’t realize San Diego is a great place to run a business. That’s why we created our list of 5 Great Things About Running A Business in San Diego. So, if you own a business in SD, want to start a business in SD, or just love learning about the great city of San Diego, (also known as “America’s Finest City”) read on.

San Diego is not just known for its sandy beaches, relaxed vibe, and clear blue sky. Today, the city offers more than just great holidays. Thanks to its strong, growing economy, qualified employees, and diverse population, San Diego has emerged as an attractive business hub.

For many years now, San Diego has been the birthplace of successful startups. That is why in 2014, Forbes named San Diego “the number one city to start a new business and the fifth best-rated business community in the country.” Today, San Diego strength as a business center remains as strong as ever.

Here are 5 great reasons to take the plunge and start your business in San Diego.

Business Friendly Environment

The City of San Diego understands the importance of making the atmosphere business friendly. That is why they have created an inviting climate for startups and small businesses. They implement good government practices toward businesses and try to make things easier for them.

The City’s Economic Development Department has a proactive Business Expansion, Attraction, and Retention (BEAR) Division that works directly with key businesses in targeted industries. It provides help and incentives to businesses and other economic development stakeholders in the region and aims to help create and grow job opportunities in San Diego.

To establish an atmosphere that encourages entrepreneurs, the City maintains a healthy and safe environment. The up-to-date, well-maintained infrastructure has also helped in making San Diego a hotbed for startups, and also a great place to live.


The cost of starting and running a business is a key factor to consider when evaluating a location. That is why the City of San Diego has concentrated on improving its business assistance programs. They have also worked on cutting costs and changing policies to help businesses launch and grow in San Diego.

Business taxes are also an essential aspect any business owner should take into account. Compared to Palo Alto or San Francisco, the business taxes in San Diego are lower. The City of San Diego has also helped businesses save money by reducing water and sewer fees and other unnecessary costs.

Starting a business in San Diego will also save you valuable time. The City of San Diego has reduced the permit processing time, as well as simplified permit processing procedures, reduced fees, and modified City codes to provide businesses with regulatory relief. All these benefits create an attractive climate for both existing and new businesses in San Diego.

Lower Cost of Living (Than Silicon Valley)

Most startup founders think Silicon Valley is the place to start a business. Years ago, this was a great idea. Today, not so much! The cost of living in the Silicon Valley area has reached historic levels. Living in Mountain View, for example, is considered more expensive than living in New York.

Compared to Silicon Valley, San Diego is a much better choice. The cost of living is much lower, the business environment is thriving, and the weather is much better. That is why many business owners consider San Diego a good destination to move to. The US News has also recently rated San Diego as #12 in Best Places to Live for Quality of Life in the U.S. in 2022-2023.

High Population

For all the reasons mentioned above, San Diego has been drawing people like a magnet. Today, the city population is over 1.4 million. That is why San Diego is considered one of the largest cities in the US. The general rule is: “the higher the population the bigger the opportunity a business has to appeal to potential customers.”

With so many people living in San Diego, your business will have a better chance to thrive. San Diego is also home to some of the wealthiest neighborhoods in the US, like Del Mar and Rancho Santa Fe. So, no matter who your target customers are, you will find them in San Diego.

As a business owner, you can regard the diverse population of San Diego as a great advantage. According to the City of San Diego: “42.3 percent of San Diegans, older than age 25, have at least a bachelor’s degree.” San Diego also has multiple well-established colleges and universities. All this will help you easily find qualified staff for your business.

A woman in a large hat lounges in the pool, symbolic of the great weather in SD.
One of the reasons San Diego is a great place to start a business is the great weather. Oh man, it’s so good. Like, perfect level of good.

Great Weather

There are no bad weather days in San Diego. With a temperature range of 50 in the winter to 78 degrees in the summer, what else could you ask for? The sunny weather encourages people to get out of their homes and shop. This will increase your local traffic if you have a shop or a restaurant in San Diego. If you are a startup, San Diego also offers some of the best coworking spaces in the country.

The sunny days and beautiful beaches are also major tourist attractions in San Diego. That is why it is a hot spot for vacationers from all over the world. The money spent by all these tourists helps boost the local economy.

And let’s face it, the great weather in San Diego just makes life better, so why not start a business here? You might as well be happy while you work!

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At My SD Bookkeeper, we love everything about living and doing business in San Diego. We know everything there is to know about bookkeeping and are standing by and ready to help. From monthly bookkeeping to bookkeeping catch ups to complex financial analysis, we’ve got your San Diego business requirements covered. Trust us with your books so you can focus on what you do best. Reach out to us today and let’s get to work.