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Payroll Bookkeeping

Let San Diego’s premier bookkeeping firm handle your payroll so you don’t have to. Call us today!

Payroll Services in San Diego

Between the state and federal regulations, the taxes, and the operational requirements, managing payroll can be quite a challenging endeavor. And if anything goes wrong, cleaning it up can be even worse. Nevertheless, making sure that your employees are paid and the proper amount of taxes are withheld is one of a business owner’s most important obligations.

We help businesses all over San Diego with their payroll so it’s one less thing that they have to worry about. Don’t waste anymore time doing things that an outside specialist could be doing more efficiently, ask us about our SD County payroll services today.

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Spending Too Much Time & Effort On Payroll?

Don’t get frustrated, let San Diego’s premier payroll bookkeeping firm manage your payroll for you. Reach out today!

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"Don't keep struggling with your payroll. Call My SD Bookkeeper and leave it to the best San Diego payroll specialists available. You'll be glad that you did, they'll save you a ton of time and do a great job. "
Jessica Baker

What Are the Keys to a Good Payroll?

Managing payroll correctly requires doing a lot of things correctly - these are a few of the most important ones.

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Regulatory Obligations

It's crucial to satisfy all of the CA (and Federal) regulatory requirements when doing your initial setup. You'll want to get this right from the start.

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Payroll Tax Witholdings

Making sure payroll tax withholdings are accurate and paid on time is essential - then you need a proper journal entry.

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Child Support Funds

This is a must. Managing child support payments is central to properly maintaining payroll. Child support must be paid.

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Proper Scheduling

Of course, you can't forget to run the payroll, but you won't be the first business to do so if you do. We will get your employees paid on time.

Let San Diego’s Payroll Specialists Manage Your Payroll Accounting So You Don’t Have To

We help businesses all over the San Diego area with their books. Whether you’re in Escondido, Coronado Island, or Downtown San Diego, we’re ready to help.

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Our Mission

Our bookkeeping mission, whether we’re just managing your payroll or also providing you with our catch up services, monthly bookkeeping services, AR & AP services, or our bookkeeping software management services, is always the same: facilitate a vibrant San Diego business community by helping San Diego companies maintain cleaner, more valuable books in an efficient manner. Let us be your bookkeeping firm in SD. We’ll work together to make SD thrive!

Why Use Us As Your SD Payroll Bookkeepers?


Payroll isn't something you want to do incorrectly. We'll get the payroll setup and payroll taxes done right from the get go.


Need your payroll setup asap? Give us a call. We've done many rush payroll setups and know how to move fast.


Don't leave your payroll to someone who's never done it before. Let our experience guide you and save you from missteps.


We're not some massive internet bookkeeping company headquartered in New York. We're San Diegans helping San Diegans.

Where Do We Provide Payroll Processing Services?

We help businesses all over San Diego with their monthly payroll bookkeeping needs. It doesn’t matter where you are… Manage a construction company next to Sea World in Mission Bay? Leave it to us. Run a biotech firm in the La Jolla Business Improvement District? Done and done. It doesn’t matter where you are, we work from Oceanside to Chula Vista to Downtown San Diego, and everywhere in between.

So wherever you are, if you need a great payroll bookkeeper give us a call. We’re standing by and ready to help.

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Payroll can be confusing and business people often have lots of questions on the matter. That’s why we’ve put together these answers to frequently asked questions about the payroll process. Have a question we don’t answer here? Just give us a call – we’d be happy to help.

Payroll withholdings are funds that are withheld from a paycheck in order to pay federal, state, or local government taxes. These represent the employee’s portion of the payroll tax obligation. The amount of the withholdings is determined by the size of the paycheck, the applicable tax rates, and the information on the employee’s W-4.

The California Employment Development Department, or CA EDD, is a CA state government agency that handles various functions including gathering employment data and administering the CA Unemployment Insurance, Disability Insurance, and Paid Family Leave programs.

If you are just setting up your business for payroll you will need to register with the CA EDD and gather information from their portal for use in your payroll.

A payroll journal entry is an entry in your books which breaks down your payroll into its constituent parts. This involves breaking out aspects such as the total accounting expense of the payroll, the amount of cash deducted from your bank account for the payroll, and the payroll tax liabilities created by the payroll. Eventually, this entry will be matched to the transaction that is downloaded from your bank account. Want to learn more? Give us a call and let’s chat.

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Let Us Be Your SD Payroll Bookkeeper

Don’t go it alone. Let us handle your payroll so you can do what you do best. We’re the best bookkeeper in San Diego, reach out to us for all of your bookkeeping needs.

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