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San Diego Bookkeeping Services

We provide the best bookkeeping services San Diego has to offer. From downtown San Diego to Oceanside, we’re standing by and ready to help. Give us a call today!

San Diego's Best Bookkeeping Firm

There’s nothing we like more than helping the SD business community to thrive. Give us a call today and let’s discuss your bookkeeping needs. From monthly bookkeeping to payroll to bookkeeping clean up projects, we do it all. Read on to learn more.

A monthly planner with two pens, symbolic of our monthly bookkeeping services.

Our San Diego monthly bookkeeping services can’t be beat. We will provide you with timely and accurate financial data so you can make informed business decisions, plan for the future, pay taxes on time, and run a sophisticated organization. Not only that, but we’re experts at it so we can do it efficiently and accurately. (Unlike many of the businesses we encounter.) If you don’t have good books your flying blind. Don’t fly blind. Give us a call today.

Did you have a bookkeeper who did a terrible job and left your books in a mess? Have you been trying to do the books by yourself but just don’t have the time or the experience to do it right? Believe us, you’re not alone. We constantly get calls from companies with both of these issues and can get your books cleaned up and ready to go in no time. Having bad books can give you false insights, create inefficiencies, and result in improper tax filings. (Among other bad things.) Don’t wait any longer – give us a call today and let’s get those books cleaned up.

A frustrated man looks at his computer and pulls his hair, symbolic of our bookkeeping clean up and catch up services.
A credit card and card reader, symbolic of accounts payable and receivable services.

Accounts Payable and Receivable

Managing accounts payable and accounts receivable can be time consuming and frustrating, and the further behind and more disorganized you get the harder it is to get caught up. That having been said, there’s nothing more important than paying your vendors and getting paid. If you need San Diego AP or AR services, reach out to us ASAP. We do accounts receivable and accounts payable all the time, let us make your life easier.

When it comes to accounting software, (or bookkeeping software if that’s your preferred term), we can’t be beat. We have expertise in QuickBooks, Sage, and Xero and can help you with setting up your accounting software systems, teach out how to use them, and manage them month to month. Choosing the right bookkeeping software and using it correctly is essential to maintaining proper books. Don’t go it alone, give us a call today.

A cute dog with glasses at a laptop, symbolic of our services using QuickBooks, Xero and Sage software.
Several employees jumping in the air, symbolic of our San Diego payroll services.


Paying employees is surprisingly complicated. There are all kinds of regulations and taxes to deal with, not to mention finding the time to setup and process the payroll every few weeks. There’s not much room for error though, because your employees absolutely must be paid, and your taxes too. Those facts can leave you in a tough spot, especially when you’re already swamped running your business. Give us a call and let us handle your San Diego payroll needs for you. We’ll make it easy.

Business Advisory Services

Unlike most bookkeepers our services don’t stop when the bookkeeping stops. We love digging into the numbers and getting our hands dirty. We can help with financial analysis, financial modeling, managing KPIs, and all manner of advanced financial consulting. If you need a partner who can go above and beyond and function like a true back office, we’re the team for you.

A dart board with a dart in the bulls eye, symbolic of our SD business advisory services.

Need a Bookkeeping Service in San Diego?

Look no further. We provide monthly bookkeeping, bookkeeping catch ups, AP & AR, payroll, and business advisory services to companies all over San Diego County.

Where Do We Provide Bookkeeping Services?

We work anywhere and everywhere in San Diego County. From Downtown San Diego to La Jolla to Escondido we are ready to be your bookkeeping firm. (Even all the way up in Oceanside. Love the Oceanside Pier, by the way.)

So if you are in San Diego and you need a good bookkeeping service, give us a call. Whether you’re a restaurant in the heart of Little Italy or a construction company across from the California Center for the Arts in Escondido, we’re standing by and ready to help. Let’s make the San Diego business community thrive together!

Bookkeeping Services FAQ

Bookkeeping is an extremely important part of any business, no matter their size or what they do. At its core, bookkeeping compiles and organizes your financial transactions in a manner that facilitates the creation of valuable data that can be used to do everything from paying taxes to making sound strategic decisions. Without proper bookkeeping you simply don’t have insight into how your business is functioning and won’t be able to make sound decisions, or even know how successful your business is.

In addition, bookkeeping enables all kinds of crucial activities to take place. Vendors need to be paid. Employees need to be paid. The business needs to be paid. All of these activities fall under the purview of bookkeeping.

At My SD Bookkeeper we do all of this and more. In fact, we can go a step further than most bookkeepers and use your data in sophisticated financial analysis or the development of a financial model. Try finding another bookkeeper that can do that. We’ll wait.

Outside bookkeeping is the process of hiring an outside service provider to handle your bookkeeping needs. This is very common and has been going on for an extremely long time because the system works. In many circumstances it is more efficient, cost effective, and strategically wise to hire someone outside of your organization to manage your books. Hiring an internal employee is often prohibitively expensive (and offers all of the normal hiring challenges) and doing it yourself can be an inefficient use of time and result in bad books. Leave it to the pros – hire an outside bookkeeper.

We work with businesses across sizes and industries. Some of our clients are brand new start ups with just a couple of clients, others are large, longstanding businesses that have been operating for years. We’ve worked with construction companies, people renting Air BnBs, party planners, auto shops, and everything in between. Whatever your industry is, and no matter your size, we are ready to help with the books.

That’s simple. We just love San Diego and get great pleasure from being an active participant in it’s thriving business community. What other city has all kinds of great businesses plus great places to go like Petco Park, Torrey Pines, and UC San Diego. Not too mention the beaches. We challenge anyone to go to La Jolla Cove Beach or Pacific Beach and ever want to leave. It just doesn’t happen. We love San Diego and we love San Diego business. Let’s make our community excel together.

Check out our blog. We post all kinds of great business and bookkeeping tips there designed specifically for San Diego entrepreneurs. It’s our goal to help the San Diego business community to thrive, and a great blog is just one of the tools we use to do so. 

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