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My SD Bookkeeper

San Diego’s Bookkeeping Firm

About Us

San Diego's Bookkeeper

At My SD Bookkeeper we love everything about living and doing business in San Diego, and take pride in providing the San Diego business community with simply the best bookkeeping services available. From monthly accounting to QuickBooks help to complex financial analysis, we are ready to serve you.

Running a business is hard, let us handle the books so you can do what you do best. Read on to learn more, and reach out anytime.

A boardwalk in San Diego, symbolic of our bookkeeping service in San Diego County.
A lifeguard stand on the beach, symbolic of our bookkeeping services San Diego.

Why Choose
My SD Bookkeeper?

We know bookkeeping and love nothing more than helping San Diego businesses to excel. Call us today and lets talk about how we can help.


Our expertise is well established. We know bookkeeping inside and out. Leverage what we know to help your business.


We know how important it is to receive the right service at the right time. We always go the extra mile to get you what you need in a timely manner.


Our services can grow with your needs. Engagements often start small and grow with time. We may start with monthly bookkeeping, and move on to financial modeling.


We take pride in being a part of the San Diego business community and helping it to thrive. We love networking, introducing, and giving back.

Where we Work

We provide back office services everywhere in San Diego, from the Oceanside Pier to La Jolla to Coronado. These are some of our most popular areas, but wherever you are in San Diego, we’re ready to help with the books. If you’re in SD County, call us today!

The cliffs in La Jolla, symbolic of us providing bookkeeping services there.


What’s not to like about Carlsbad? Its a great beach with great people. (And also has Legoland and the Batiquitos Lagoon.) If you have a Carlsbad business, call us today.

The sign for the Gaslamp District in San Diego, where we offer bookkeeping services.

Chula Vista

Chula Vista is growing quickly and we love helping the businesses there. From the Chula Vista Marina to the US Olympic Training Center, we’re standing by to help. Reach out to chat.

We really love Skripps Pier and La Jolla Shores Beach. When we meet La Jolla businesses we may stop there on the way home. Don’t tell anyone…

A meadow of flowers in Carlsbad, symbolic of Carlsbad bookkeeping services.

From the Gaslamp Quarter to Balboa Park, we love downtown San Diego. If you have a business there and you need an accountant, give us a call.

The coast in Chula Vista, symbolic of bookkeeping services there.

San Diego’s Premier Bookkeeping Firm

We help companies from La Jolla to Little Italy with their accounting. Let us manage the back office so you can focus on your business.

Our Services

Managing company’s monthly bookkeeping needs is our bread and butter. We’ll code the transactions, reconcile the accounts, and keep your data clean and up to date. (Check out our introduction to bank reconciliations to learn more.) Want monthly financials and some KPIs as well? No problem, that’s fun for us.

Have you fallen behind on your books? Are they filled with errors that you’re not sure how to fix. This is our expertise. We are constantly helping businesses to get their books cleaned up. Don’t wait and fall even further behind, reach out today. Confused about everything? Don’t fret, this post on common accounting terms may help!

Managing payroll can be a frustrating and time consuming endeavor, but they’re few things that are more important. (After all, everyone needs to be paid, and on time too…) Let us take the pain out of payroll so you can focus on what you do best. (Check out this article to learn more about payroll software.)


Managing AP and AR can be a time consuming and resource intensive process. Take the pain out of the billing process by letting us keep your accounts payable and accounts receivable organized and up to date.

We are experts in all things QuickBooks, Sage, and Xero. From initial setup to monthly QuickBooks / Sage / Xero bookkeeping to cleaning up errors, we can help you with your accounting software.

Business Advisory

We can assist with everything from financial management and analysis to building complex financial models. There is nothing we love more than digging into the numbers and pulling out insights. Try to find another firm that can do that.

Customer Reviews

When it comes to San Diego accounting, My SD Bookkeeper is the firm to beat. If you are in San Diego and you need the best, call My SD Bookkeeper.
Steven Schwartz
If you're looking for QBO services, My SD Bookkeeper is the firm to call. I have been delighted with the quality of their work. They know QuickBooks in and out.
America Lomeli
I have complete confidence in My SD Bookkeeper's monthly services. If you have a business in SD County and need business bookkeeping services, give them a call today.
Tom Eastman
Business Person

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Welcome to the My SD Bookkeeper blog. Come here for all kinds of great accounting, business, and SD living resources designed with San Diego business people in mind. Have something you would like to learn about? Let us know and we’ll write about it!